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Brand Watch successfully launched on Apr. 21, 2009. Brand Watch is a series of varied, innovative luxury watches. The brand was created by Thomas Birstam to thrill and attract his female readership. Thomas began producing the luxurious watches in 1992 whilst he was a designer and sales brochure soon afterwards bears his name.

The luxury watches are available in a variety of styles, to suit all tastes and in different colours. The Battery band is made of stainless steel and priced at £ Luxury Watch Bands, whilst the chains are Colour: Blue Oinedown South East Brushed Gold and the dials are white gold, gold plate.

All the styles, the designs and the materials used to make the luxury watches under the brand, are designed to go with a fashionable wardrobe and suit all faces. Thomas Birstam's friend and sometime Fashion Designer, Barney trustees, has helped Thomas produce some of the world famous luxury watches that feature on the famous celebrity dominated TV shows.

There is clearly a market for luxury watches, as this is a growing market that has not grown to internationally recognised proportions as some may expect. What does add to the factor, is that the watches are available in some of the finest museums.

They are also available in some of the finest watch stores around the world. A quick search will show them up on the Internet as well as in some of the top auctions sites around the world.

There is no doubt that brand watches are in demand and that many are prepared to pay a large sum of money to personalise their watches with jewels and precious stones. The use of gold and diamonds are understandably there as these are regarded as some of the most precious materials around.

A brief introduction to the range of luxury watches that the brand has introduced and these are priced in the region of £5000 up to say £30 000 or more.

Some of the highlights of the watches that are available are:

• Diamond Pocket Watches. These are the items that have a deployant closure and are suitable for ladies as they come with diamonds and crystals around the dial.

• Valcourt Scotsman. This is the brand new range of watches that are shaped like a dalmaticCP.

•uine Swiss quartz Citori. These are waterproof and have an automatic movement. Valcourt Scotsman have brought a selection of 42mm and 44mm size watches to the market.

• Chinese quartz Selly. These are similar fashion watches but without the luxury claims associated with the Chinese style.

• Baptism. This is a 45mm round shape watch that is priced at £3000.

• Royal Oak. This is a 40mm watch that is priced below £1000.

• Woodstock. This is a 35mm round shape watch that is available in 3 colours.

The styles are changeable and can be worn both on their own as well as with other costume and jewellery. If you want to buy a jewellery piece to add to your costume,But as mentioned, these are available in many different styles.

If you want to buy a dress watch, some jewellery or a pair of boots in comparison to the face of the watch, you can check out some of the Jewellery Clocks, Boots, Bowties and Ties Sets.